Automatic Delivery

Customers can count on us to keep their tank full.

24 Hour Emergency Delivery Service to our Automatic Delivery Customers

Receive an extra 5 cents per gallon discount in addition to our prompt pay discount.

As an Automatic Delivery Customer, we use a calculation based on several factors to determine your delivery schedule.  Based on this algorithm, we will schedule a delivery when your tank is at approximately 25% and leave the delivery ticket at your residence at the time of delivery. We can email or mail it the delivery ticket.  Pay within 10 days and get  a 15 cent prompt pay discount.*

Please call us at 410-648-6001 to get set up on automatic delivery and stop worrying about sticking your tank or checking your gauge.

*Certain Restrictions Apply*

Still not Sure if Automatic Delivery is right for you?

Please call our friendly office staff and they will be happy to assist you at 410-648-6001.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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